Featured Artist

Glen Scheffer arranges and qualifies interiors and objects in order for them to leave their prescribed identity behind. Through his camera lens these subjects become fine art for us to explore and savor.  He creates new personalities for libraries, rogue rock venues, and stacks of found records.  His work often suggests sound or silence; the crackling and dancing of old stacked records, or the five chairs backstage, erect and hushed as if watching us watching them. Many of Scheffer's images are tense and almost comical, yet these are juxtaposed with the seriousness of a library interior and it's ominous attempt to keep the quiet. Whether amusing or contemplative, Scheffer's series are breathtaking in their grandeur and intriguing through their intimacy. 

It is with this combination, and along with his tenacious printing skills, that this body of work speaks…volumes.

Glen Scheffer